Wow, and there goes 21…

I guess it’s time I did a more personal type of blog entry on here. Hey, why not? It’s my blog, so I decide on the content, right? 🙂

So, I just turned 22 today. I can wave goodbye to the year that has gone by since June 21st of last year. Much has happened, many new experiences.

1) I graduated from my course.
2) I have gotten my first job after graduation.
3) I have met many many great people through regular attendance at the local user group (MDNUG), as well as developer events organised by Microsoft Australia. Also other places too 🙂
4) I got my first laptop. Yes, very important 🙂
5) I got a broadband internet connection at home (OptusNet Cable) in fact. Also very important 🙂
6) Learnt a lot. That’s not just things learnt through my course, but other topics too.

Ok, there is a longer list, but I’ll probably keep the rest to myself somewhere for now. But yes, many things happen over the course of a year.

Yes, I do seem to like my smilies 🙂

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