Geek Meetup in Melbourne

Just got home not long ago from a meetup with Cameron Reilly, Matt Cosier, Darren Neimke, Joseph Cooney, Martin Granell, Luke Drumm, Chris Hewitt, Kim (?) and Graeme Armstrong. (Mostly Readifiers, except for 3 of us!)

Interesting night, it was the first time I had actually met many of them (only met Chris Hewitt and Matt Cosier previously), so after the initial introductions, I probably spent most of my time just listening into conversations not really saying too much.

There seemed to be many mini-conversations going around the place, but that’s always bound to happen when you couldn’t hear what people 2 seats away were saying.

Overall I think it was enjoyable, but I would have loved to have had the opportunity to speak a bit more to some of the others.

I’m sure there will be more opportunities to catch up with individuals again at another time, and most likely meet more of the Australian IT blogging community.

Time for bed, i’ll post more hopefully tommorow!

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