Another spam referrer

While browsing through blog stats, I noticed the following domain:

There seems to be a lot of spam referrers coming to my blog where the referrer is a subdomain of the main site.

In some cases the incoming IP of the spammer that comes via this subdomain also came a few times to my blog via the non-existant URL (as mentioned previously)

Looks like our spammers are evolving as they see fit to do so, but haven’t totally done away with their old stuff!

Update: Looks like the entire domain has been shutdown… Due to “mis-proper use of the hosting account”

2 thoughts on “Another spam referrer”

  1. I don’t believe this to be the case. I’ve seen a lot of these messages in my referrer log. Given the horrendus use of English on these, I suspect it’s just getting the next big wave set.

  2. The shutdown messages are quite often forged. Idea being “stick a page up that says ‘this site has been shut down’ as the index page, and keep all the content within – ergo someone will come, look, see that it has been ‘shut down’, and not inform the hosting provider”.

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