Melbourne Geek Dinner

Let’s see if we can organise a dinner to happen straight after the Microsoft Security Summit in Melbourne on Tuesday February 22nd.

There’s sure to be plenty of interesting conversation going around on the table and such.

Anyone with ideas on a venue, and who wants to come?

Here’s the full agenda for the day, it’s set to conclude at 5:30pm.

So, we’ll probably wonder somewhere for food.

Or are people happy to just hang around the Crown Casino food court or something?

Anyway, i’m open for ideas 🙂

20 thoughts on “Melbourne Geek Dinner”

  1. hmm not food court. Like somewhere to sit down for preference… maybe blue train cafe
    or something like that?


  2. hmm, just thinking blue train would be good southbank location or we could try and locate
    a good pub meal and see if we can get the numbers to book it out?


  3. William, won’t we be tired by the end of the day? It’s a full day of summit. That is what I think though. But if everybody
    wants to have it on the same day then I will definately try to be there.

  4. Heya Will,

    Agree with the posters, definitely NOT a food court. So many places to eat in the city, shouldn’t be too difficult choosing one.

    Personally I’m not interested in the summit but I’d be keen to meet after for the geek dinner…

  5. Alright, no food court it is then…

    BlueTrain, or pubs… Or something not too far, in the city.

    Remember that afterwards most of us will probably leave our cars at whereever we parked it. So we’ll be on foot!

    Tejas: I expect you all to be awake, and full of energy 🙂

    Perhaps we can have those that are attending the Sec. Summit meetup at the MSDN Connection Lounge at the end of the day. Then from there we proceed towards whatever venue we end up deciding on.

    Matty, will try to get you in. Let’s see if we can finalise a venue first.

  6. Hi Will,
    I have emailed Andrew Coates and see what his availability is like. I will have to keep myself fresh till the end of the day now :).

  7. Matty, it’s a go ahead.

    Meeting up at the MSDN Connection Lounge at days’ end.

    Since you’ve stated that you’d like to attend the dinner, and may not be attending the actual event, i’ll drop you an email with my contact details if you’d like to come.

    So what do people think of Cafe Greco?

    I haven’t been to the one in South Bank before, but I went to the Chapel St one and thought it was not too bad.

    Otherwise, Blue Train still sounds good.

    Here’s a list of Cafe/Restaurants in South Bank.

    Basically, the best type of venue would allow us to have a big casual conversation around the table and if people want to talk amongst themselves, they can. Or we can have some form of discussion over the days’ topics.

  8. As it turns out I’ll be going to the event, so I’ll see you at the MSDN Connection lounge!

    Blue Train sounds good to me…though it is quite noisy in there.

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