To a friend hurt in London

To my friend Sam Ly, injured on the bus travelling to work in London.

Hope you get well soon mate!

I met Sam on my first day at Caulfield, during student orientation. I was having trouble logging into the computer network, so it was suggested to me that I go seek help from the IT Services (ITS) helpdesk.

This was in 2001.

He was at the helpdesk working part time helping students as well as some staff members with their IT related problems. I found out that he was studying the same course as I myself, which was Bachelor of Computing.

Being new and all, I decided it’d be best if I started to make friends with some of the guys who were my senior on the campus. I thought it might help me a bit. And also because none of the other students from my highschool would be studying the same course as me. So I had to make friends. And Sam was one of them.

Here is a quote from the Herald Sun.

The 28-year-old former Richmond man was travelling to work on the No. 30 bus when the blast ripped through the double-decker, vaporising some of those inside.

Mr Ly is believed to have suffered life-threatening head injuries and is being treated in a London hospital.

Sometimes you ask yourself why do these things happen? Why do people have to suffer worldwide? It’s not just those in London, but also those hurt due to bombings in Iraq, Madrid and going further back, September 11. And

Sam graduated a couple of years before me, but he stayed working at Monash ITS for about a year before heading off to London to live and work with his girlfriend.

He was working over in London as a Software Tester. I actually caught up with him earlier this year in a chance meet in one of the cafes off Lygon St, Carlton (Cafe Brunetti).

By then he’d already worked in London for close to a year, and was back in Melbourne to visit his family, and escape from the London winter. He came to enjoy the Melbourne sun!

I asked him how London was, and asked him how long he planned to stay in London. His reply was he wasn’t sure, but said he loved London.

I’m very deeply worried about Sam, but I do hope and pray that he pulls through.

From ABC News:

The father of a Melbourne man seriously injured in Thursday’s terrorist attacks is flying to London to be by his son’s side.

Sam Ly, 28, formerly of Richmond, is fighting for his life in a London hospital.

Mr Ly was standing next to the Number 30 bus when it was wrecked by a bomb blast.

He has serious head injuries.

I’m just going to Google news right now and refreshing the query on the news page for Sam’s name. I only just heard about this a few hours ago, and I saw a picture of Sam on TV for a split second or two. But I knew it was definately him. That’s when I decided to head to my computer and google his name using the Google News service.

I just don’t know what to say or write right now. It’s incredibly sad. I think the most I can do is just pray that he’ll get through it okay.

I know that the recovery process isn’t short. It’s a long journey back to being fully recovered. I hope Sam stays strong and pulls through. It is all anyone can hope for right now.

I’ve run out of words to say, so i’ll just leave it now. What can one say, what can one do in this situation? Just keep going day by day. Hour by hour.

Na Mo A Mi To Fo

[Note: I had actually written this post a few hours ago, but there was something funny going on with my wireless connection and I lost the post…]

Update: Another article (there’s a picture of Sam in this article):,10117,15871589-28102,00.html

Update 13/07/2005:
More articles:
Herald Sun

Mr Ly, 28, had surgery yesterday on a broken left arm. He was also on Bus No. 30.

His life hangs in the balance due to severe head injuries that have left him in a coma. It is believed he was on the bus’s top deck.

The Age – Former colleagues fear for friendliest man who had world at his feet

The Australian – Agony for families of the 40 missing Aussies

Last update 17/07/2005:,10117,15946869-1702,00.html

34 thoughts on “To a friend hurt in London”

  1. Hi Will,

    I used to work with Sam here in Melbourne. My thoughts are with him, his girlfriend, family and friends. Here’s hoping he pulls through.


  2. Hi Will,

    I knew Sam in 1999, that time, he was working as an IT staff at ITS Caulfield. He is a friendly and outgoing person. My best wishes and prayers are with him and his families.

  3. I know Sam from Caulfield Campus… Used to hang around with friends from the computing course… and the IT help desk.

    I remember he is a strong and bubbly character so I am sure he will wake up and come back to Melbourne.

  4. Hello there Will,

    Like many of you, I met Sam during my time at Monash. Although I did not have regular contacts with him, I do remember his friendliness and bright personality well. It is a shame that something like this happened, but especially to someone like Sam….. All my thoughts and prayers are with him, his girlfriend, their families, as well as all the other victims.

    Stay strong Sam….

  5. Hello Will,

    I knew Sam early on as we studied the same course, Bachelor of Computing together. We spent time together doing assignments and helping each other. He was always friendly and a great guy to be around with and made things so much brighter.
    I consider Sam one the best friends a guy can have and I am saddened and shocked about what happened in London.
    I hope you get better Sam, you are a strong person.
    My wishes are with you and Mandy.


  6. I guess most of us all know Sam from Caulfield. I guess Monash University and our studies there did bring some good things to our lives.

    With all the wishes from Friends, family and everyone with a good heart, I am sure Sam will definitely be OK!

    Michael W.

  7. Michael, hope so. It’s been about a week now, and from reports in the newspapers, Sam’s still in a coma. I hope he awakens from the coma soon. And onwards to a full recovery.

    Yeah, guess what we all have in common aside from knowing Sam, was we were all from Caulfield.

    I studied at Caulfield (Bachelor of Computing) from 2001 to 2003. I knew Sam throughout that time while there.

  8. Sam was one of the greatest influences in my life.

    The hardships he endured through his life, and then the world at his feet…

    Those who know him, know there are just no words to say…

    It’s not fair!

  9. Hi again,

    Same here.. My sincere best wishes to him, his girl friend, families, relatives and friends.

    May all beings in this universe be happy
    Namo Ami Tofo

  10. Hi Will,

    I’m very sorry to hear the news and deepest condolences to all.


  11. I just read the news on ABC about Sam passing away, while I did not know him my sincere condolences to all that did. Having friends over there I can’t begin to imagine the pain everyone is feeling who knew him and the others who have died in the bombings.


  12. I heard the news yesterday morning when Sam’s family contacted my friend. The dreaded SMS came through at 11.30am for me while I was at work. I frantically went on the ‘net find some info, but I don’t believe the news of his death was released until the evening.

    It’s true, words cannot describe the situation and the feelings involved.
    Sam will always been remembered as a “good guy.” One thats cheery, and can start a conversation and just makes you feel comfortable.

    I met Sam in ’99/’00 at University and along with Anthony, Hong, Hung, Melvin and others, befriended Sam along with the IT help desk Crew.

    I feel for all his family, his girlfriend Mandy & Family, and those even more closer to him than I am. It hurts and saddens me to think of how these people are feeling. I hope there will be a silver lining in this time of darkness for all of us.

    All I now can say is ‘My mate Sam, Rest In Peace’ and hope you are in a better place… and thanks Will for creating this Blog.

    Kind Regards,
    Michael W.

  13. I’d only met Sam a few times – though the last time I saw him he was blindfolded and handcuffed to a chair… but that’s another story.

    Sam went out of his way to help me out with a computer problem I had.

    If he made this much effort for some one he hardly knew, I can only imagine how generous he could be to his family and friends – who have my sincerest and deepest sympathies.

  14. I deeply regret your loss Will, and extend my condolences to all of Sam’s family, friends & colleagues. Thanks for posting a more personal story than what’s in the news; everyone needs to know who has been lost.

  15. Everywhere I turn I see you face: smiling, happy, friendly and welcoming.

    It reminds me of the good times – which no-one can take away.

    Goodbye Sam, till we meet again.

  16. Just want to extend my condolences to all who knew Sam. I met Sam when he was working at Monash Caulfield. It’s sad that such a tragic event can happen to such a friendly person.

  17. A bit about sam….

    Sam’s ‘deserving of punch’, cheeky, comment after I first met him was “I thought you were this confident sophisticated and ‘all that woman’, but …you’re just a dumb ass like me…:P” .. that was 7 years ago…how things like that make you smile… who could miss that cheeky look to go with his cheekiness? ..*sighs* how we miss him :'(

    To Mandy… despite Sam’s cheekiness and jokes around with the boys, there was no other person in the world for him other than Mandy. He loved her so much and you could tell. He had so many plans, London was one, then, shopping for this gorgeous Tiffany ring for the woman he loved and adored more than anything in the world was next on his list of things to do…

    His family also meant the world to him… there was nothing he wouldn’t do for them… and his friends.. he treated like his family… his capacity to love was immense.. along with his kindness.

    …We received a call on Friday about Sam close to 8am… I couldn’t even say a word.. it just wasn’t happening.

    Thanks to all who knew of the tragic news, but kept the media at bay. The media were after confirmation about Sam, and ringing around everywhere. As Will had indicated to the Age, it was a family matter and it was up to Mandy and Sam’s family to release the details.

    … no words to say… our hearts say it all…

    … with love

  18. I was the “old boiler” His mixture of irreverent sense of humor and respect

  19. I was the “old boiler” that worked with Sam in the IT Dept at Monash, Caulfield. His mixture of irreverent sense of humor and respectful manners entralled those who had the luck to be associated with him. He did not have the same advantages as so many other kids that I know – instead, he wasn’t half hearted in taking advantage of opportunities that were open to him. Sam didn’t consider that he had overcome great adversities and just loved life.

    My thoughts are with Mandy (who we knew he adored) and his loving family.

    Sam should have been coming back to Australia for his wedding not a funeral.


  20. It has been nine and a half months since I lost him. There is not a day that passes that he is not in my thoughts. And always, I think to myself that I would give up every thing just to have him back.

    I used to wonder how cliched it was to see it in the movies or read in the novels. The dreams where you believe he’s not really gone, and it is only in those fleeting moments, that I feel pure joy and a sense that all is right with the world once again – even if they are only fleeting moments.

  21. Hello Mandy,
    I met you once with Sam in Carnegie, just before you left for the UK, I remember you both being so happy to be going away on your trip… and Sam saying, ‘look me up when you get to London’ he knew that I was planning a trip as well… I worked with Sam in ITS Caulfield, and last year on the 7th July, I was packed and ready to fly to New York on the 11th July… then I saw The News on TV and Sam’s photo… the worst had happened… I then planned to see Sam in hospital as soon as I got to London 3 weeks later… asking workmates to keep me informed as to which hospital he was in etc… I took a Monash teddy bear with me for Sam as well…. I did get to London 3 weeks later… I will never forget Sam, a bright eager, and happy young man, always willing to help us with computer problems… and I will never forget what happened to both you and Sam… and every day as I walk past Sam’s memorial plaque in the garden here at Monash Caulfield, I remember him…
    Though I am old enough to be Sam’s mother, I will never forget his cheeky grin and sense of humour with much affection….
    Be happy Mandy… live life to the fullest… I wish you well. Eileen…

  22. Hi Mandy,

    It’s me your bro.

    I couldn’t help but shed a few tears as i saw your above comment. I know it’s still very difficult …it’s difficult for all of us. Sam is constantly on my mind too as til now i still can’t believed that he is gone.

    Be strong sis, as i know that’s what Sam wants you to be right now. Sam’s not really gone …you know that. He will always be with us. I don’t know what it is but on nights when it’s a bit quiet at work…I always browse the internet and search for articles written about Sam.

    It brings me comfort, maybe it’s my way to reflect

    Be strong and love life sis. We all miss you heap back home. See you in June.

  23. How wonderful to know there are those across the vast expanse of this world who still remember and love him. I’ve always known it, but it’s nice to have it re-iterated in these simple actions and kind words.

    Thank you…

    I look forward to coming home.

  24. Dearest Mandy,
    Twelve months on… and I still think of you and am deeply saddened by your loss. May time heal your pain and allow you to go on strongly, forever with your memories of Sam, and a love you shared that will remain in your heart.
    My thoughts are with you Mandy.
    Big hug all the way from me here in Dubai… still doing the Physio abroad thing.

  25. Hi Mandy,
    Thought about you and Sam again yesterday… hardly seems a year ago… I heard Sam mentioned in the Memorial Service in London, and saw that beautiful photo of Sam in the snow… so much like him, so happy… once again Mandy, go forward, be happy, and live your life in the knowledge that you made Sam’s short time on planet earth so happy…
    Also, my thoughts are with Sam’s Dad and family this week…. I say a prayer for all of you… Eileen xx

  26. Hi Will,
    I want to say a big ‘thankyou’ for this chance to contribute to your blog… I really appreciate it… Eileen…

  27. Dear friends and family of Sam,
    I didn’t know Sam but I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am for all that you have lost. I guess it’s so real to me because, even though I didn’t know him, my sister Alison almost lost her life in the bombings too. I guess although we are strangers, we share sad event in history that few people can truly understand.

    As we as a family try to move on from those terrible events.. there are still days when all those horrible memories come flooding back… and to think that we were the lucky ones…I can’t even begin to imagine what it must be like for you.

    I just want you all to know that even though we were lucky and we still have Alison with us none of us will ever forget Sam. We keep him, and all of you in our thoughts everyday. We always will.

    Much love to you all…..Amy xx

  28. Hi everyone, I’d just like to thank everyone for contributing their thoughts here.

    I think this, in a way, shows the magic of the internet to bring everyone together. At the time, after writing up this post I’d gotten emails from several others who had also known Sam, but had decided to send an email rather than posting them here. As well as several questions from the media.

    It also shows that Sam will always be in the thoughts of many, no matter how well we did, or did not know him.

    I hope that everyone is well!

    And Mandy, as the author of this site, if there is anything you’d like me to do, you’re welcome to contact me. My email address is listed on the Contact page.

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