Ajax talk at VDNUG

I’m presenting this month at the newly formed Victoria .NET User Group (that’s MDNUG+AusDev+Victoria.NET Cluster).

My talk is on Ajax and apart from the general Ajax stuff, i’ll be talking about how to make use of it in ASP.NET applications.

This will be my first presentation at the user group and my first proper presentation since I graduated from uni (end of 2003).

It’ll be on the 21st of September at the Microsoft Melbourne Como Office. And looks like i’ll be the “first on stage”. Or so says the website.

At this point in time, my focus will most likely be around the most “mature” Ajax library available for ASP.NET apps, which is Ajax.NET.
Unsure how much detail I’ll go into. We’ll just have to wait and see on that.

I remember Chris Garty last year before he left was encouraging me to pick a topic and volunteer to give a presentation on the topic. Well Chris, i’m finally going to give my first presentation at the UG. I’ve learnt a lot from the user group, and I guess it’s my turn to give something back to the UG community.

Well the idea for this presentation came about when I was talking with Matt and Elaine about Ajax (after the Sharepoint User Group meeting) and whether they’d done anything using it. Both said no, and wanted to know more about it, so I said I’d see if I can do a presentation for September on it.

Looking forward to giving this presentation to see how I go. I’m sure i’ll be fine. Already have a fairly good idea what I want to talk about. Just need to put all that into a powerpoint deck of some sort. Think i’ll keep the slides to a minimum with brief points that i’ll elaborate on as I go along and planning to have a few demos. (Haven’t decided how many demos i’ll do).

7 thoughts on “Ajax talk at VDNUG”

  1. shame i cant come and listen in. I am sure you will give a great talk and people will be very interesed. Well done you!

  2. Cool mate, even though I’m not a “web guy” I’ll try and come along! If you want to run the slides by someone keep me in mind…

    I’m sure you’ll do a great job. 🙂

  3. Oliver: Well, I’ll have the slides and bunch of resources for my talk up on my blog after the presentation.

    Matty: Thanks for the offer mate. I haven’t even finished the slides yet.

  4. Great stuff! 😀
    I will definatly have a read.

    P.S Who won the cricket ? 🙂

  5. Tip for your next presentation.

    * 800 x 600 max resolution for ppl sitting up the back.
    * speak up, so ppl up the back hear more than a mumble.
    * perhaps be more clear about what level of discussion will be given, anyone with even a basic idea of what ajax is would have been bored (ie me). i would have prefered to have the links you had, emai ed to me.

  6. Chris, thanks for the tips. (The actual screen res was set at 1024×768). Perhaps I should have bumped up the text size within Visual Studio.NET.

    Yeah, I should have asked how much people already knew about Ajax etc. Sometime I’ll work on for any presentation I do in the future.

    I’ll have the slides up soon.

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