A few useful cheatsheets for web developers

A little while ago, I blogged about a CSS cheat sheet made available at the ILoveJackDaniels.com website.

I just noticed that the blogs’ author (Dave Child) has a few more up.

From: http://www.ilovejackdaniels.com/cheat-sheets/

JavaScript Cheet Sheet
RGB Hex Colour Chart

Looks handy. Though I always keep a local saved copy of this page for the Color codes. (There’s a lot more listed “named” colours on there compared with the cheat sheet). Note though that the colour chart cheet sheet only contains 216 web safe or non-dithering colours.

Cheat sheets are good for the times when you just want to check on little things that you’ve not used in awhile. One JavaScript area I’ve not really had a look at, which is a part of the cheet sheet, is Regular Expressions. I can imagine cases where this is handy. Such as a dynamically filtered javascript table, whereby the user just types and as they type, the table gets filtered. There’s obviously other situations where this could be handy as well. Especially given the recent popularity of Ajax.

I’ve installed teh IE Developer Toolbar, but thus far, I don’t see any additional benefits of it on top of what I was using previously that the bar does. I’m using the AIS Web Accessibility Toolbar (which I’ve found to be quite handy), and I also use their Colour Constrast Analyser which is quite good for helping me decide on what colours to use. One of our internal users finds it hard to distinguish between various shades of reds and greens (colour blindness) so this colour contrast analyser helps with that.

I also make use of the Mio PixelRuler as a screen ruler. I find it quite useful. I know the IE toolbar has one, but I also need the screen ruler outside of IE.