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Saw Morfik mentioned in a recent blog entry at the blog, and have finally had a bit more of a look.

First thing? Had a look at their About Morfik page. What did I see?

Morfik is located in Hobart, Australia.

Wow, innovation from that little island just south of Melbourne 🙂
(And we share the same area code! Victorian numbers are +61 3, as is Tasmania)

Anyway, Morfik looks really interesting. The IDE seems to resemble Visual Studio .NET’s IDE. (Or at least it does to me! … To a certain extent)

They’ll be at the Web 2.0 conference next week, with more details about this app of theirs (they are a sponsor).

Ok, now onto the interesting stuff about this IDE and their JavaScript Synthesis Technology (JST)

From their page:

Morfik offers ground-breaking Javascript Synthesis Technology (‘JST’) that allows developers to use a visual design environment and a high-level language of their choice to create applications comprised purely of HTML and Javascript. This revolutionary technology combined with its tight integration of the browser, a database and web server, uniquely offers developers the opportunity to create web applications that run on the desktop after being unplugged from the web.

Now that’s really blurring the lines between a desktop app and a web app which “lives” inside of a browser. This “JST” it seems gives Morfik the ability to work with an online/offline mode, akin to what’s offered by a Smart Client.

It says you can use an OO language of your choice to implement the business logic. There’s a bit more in this blog post. Which says the supported OO languages are: C++/C#/Java/Delphi.

This could be interesting. But i’ll reserve my judgement until I’ve seen it in action.

3 thoughts on “Morfik Ajax IDE”

  1. Recommand a Visual AJAX IDE

    It’s the best powerful visual AJAX IDE I’ve seen before. You can develope your web application in it just like what you do in VB or Delphi based on its powerful AJAX components libs. And it also support sourceinsight and it’s compatible with IE, Firefox and Maxthon. Above of all, it’s unrelevant with server side.

    Here is free trial.

  2. I’ve actually used Morfik, it is still in Beta and full of BUGS – basically unusable!

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