Akismet Rocks

I’ve been using this Comment/Trackback spam stopping plugin for WordPress called Akismet since yesterday.

Thus far, it’s caught 69 comment spams. And all 69 of those were genuine comment spams.

I’m impressed with it thus far.

But since this blog is fairly low on the blog comment traffic, I haven’t noticed any non-spam comments getting stuck.

Sometimes I can get upwards of 150 spam comments per day.

Akismet has been around for a little while now. (About 2 months).

I finally decided to install it after reading lots of success stories in particular, this post by Dougal Campbell titled Poisoning the Well. The type of comments that he mentions are similar to the new batch of comment spam that I’ve noticed lately. These comment spams are becoming a little bit harder to tell apart from those written by people living in countries with really bad English.

The only way that I can actually tell is that 1 out of 5 or so links they post are not-legitimate links.

2 thoughts on “Akismet Rocks”

  1. You probably need to implement some type of image verification for your comments input.

    Which is why I like the Blogger.com publish to your FTP (I use it on my personal blog at http://www.VikramMohan.com) and make use of their ready-made comments system which has that feature in it.

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