A few interesting Microsoft Windows Mobile Technical Articles

Just found a few Windows Mobile Technical articles in the Microsoft download center.

You can download them from here.

The articles touch on a few different areas including .NET CF apps using VS2005, introduction to the new Windows Mobile 5 Managed APIs. Mappoint Location Server, developing multithreaded apps using .NET CF 2. As well as a few others that touch on different areas of mobile development.

Oh, and do check out Rory’s TinyThings videos on Windows Mobile 5.0 and .NET CF 2.0.

My .NET CF 2.0 development has been going well, but I’m finding a lot of articles that are all about WM5/CF2. And not as much WM 2003/CF2. But that’s probably the nature of things at the moment. Everyone wants to target the latest and greatest. I’m not complaining though, at least I still get to utilise CF 2.0 in VS2005 (as opposed to CF 1.0/VS2003).

Guess that’s the reality of working life, as opposed to doing “theoretical work” (ie: stuff done in uni) where you can just target the latest and greatest, and as long as you can get it working in the emulator, it’s all fine. The other thing to remember is that a lot of the Telcos in Australia aren’t selling any WM5 devices (well, it’s not on our list for the plans we’ve selected).