Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games

Yesterday night I went to the MCG with my brother (who was a Games Volunteer) and we watched the Commonwealth Games. I can say now that it was perhaps better being there than actually watching it on tv. Actually, it was a different perspective.

Australia on top of the world

I’ve uploaded two Photo sets from the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games onto Flickr.

Here’s the photos from the Closing Ceremony.

Some fireworks lighting up the MCG

Games Volunteers

It was a fairly interesting night to say the least. The fireworks were as loud as ever lighting up the entire MCG, and then covering much of the crowd and the MCG with smoke.

And also, the Mens Triathlon held on the previous Saturday.

Simon Thomson (8) from Melbourne

All shots were taken with my Nikon Coolpix 4500. Shots were taken using (P) Programmed Manual, (S) Shutter Priority and (A) Aperture Priority modes (and some shots had exposure compensation turned on).

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  1. great photos – thanks for sharing! I’ve not had the chance to watch the games in Melbourne, but it looks like great fun being there!

  2. was wondering if u took any photos of the fish on the yarra river?? Looking for photos of them. Thanx

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