More Windows Mobile devices

Awesome, looks like there’s going to be even more Windows Mobile based devices hitting the market.

See this post at MyPDACafe (via Jason Langridge’s blog) about new devices being manufactured by Chinese device manufacturer, Tech Faith Wireless (TFW), which looks like it will be going head to head with another Original Device Manufacturer (ODM) that is quite well known these days, HTC. HTC is the manufacturer of many of the current crop of popular Windows Mobile based devices being rebranded as i-mate, QTek, O2, Orange (as well as several others).

Can’t wait til these devices hit the market. Hopefully, more competition resulting in lower prices and a bigger market share for Windows Mobile based devices. It can only be a good thing for Windows Mobile developers, right?

1 thought on “More Windows Mobile devices”

  1. Dude, it’s over. start porting your apps to Java ME so at least it’ll be somewhat widely used.

    — Usage of J2ME is at an all-time high. Approximately 52% of respondents are currently working with Java ME — which has recently undergone a name change — compared to 46% six months ago, a 13% increase in growth. At the same time, evaluation numbers remain healthy: another 16% are still evaluating it.

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