IE7 “improvement” turns into a bug for us

This is an interesting one that I just came across today.

One of our users has downloaded the latest IE7 Beta release and has found that one of the features that she relies on no longer behaves the same way.

I got her to try to use that feature on another PC (which has IE6), and it worked.

The bug?

Our web app depends on the File upload Html Control, and it’s ability to grab the user selected file and directory. It then creates a link to that file (which is usually on a mapped network drive). Users can then click on the document link in their browser, and the document is opened in-browser.

It does seem a little bit of an overkill though to use the File upload control to simply create a link to a document.
But it worked fine at the time.

Here’s some C# code to illustrate what we had:

if (FileUplaoder.PostedFile.FileName != string.empty)
string fileName = FileUploader.PostedFile.FileName;

In IE6, the fileName string would be something like: c:\docs\doc1.doc
Ie IE7 though, the fileName string would be: doc1.doc

Eric Lawrence, of the Internet Explorer team posted a response to this question on the IEBlog saying that it was a “by-design change for privacy reasons. IE7’s behavior matches that of other browsers”.

I’ll need to come up with a new solution to this problem. Although only 2 users of the system are using IE7, it’s better to come up with a solution to this problem than let it sit until everyone is about to upgrade to IE7.

6 thoughts on “IE7 “improvement” turns into a bug for us”

  1. Heys!

    Just returning the visit, and thanks for the birthday wishes! I sooo haven’t had time to go to RBJ >.

  2. You rock! This insight turned out to be very helpful. It seems that IE7 is putting the simple file name in the path location, and nothing in the file name location.

  3. Hi Brian, yeah that is the case.

    All other browsers (except IE prior to 7) have the exact same behaviour.

    Microsoft in this case is now just matching the same behaviour as Mozilla/Opera.

  4. I’m struggling with this same behavior in Firefox and other nonIE browsers now. THANK YOU W3C

    Sorry to see IE conform, but market share is eroding. =\

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