Congrats Hugo!

Wow, Hugo Ortega has been awarded the title of Australia’s first Tablet PC MVP (though, I’d always thought Doc. Neil was the first. But, apparently not!).

Tablet PC Guy

Anyway, congratulations to Hugo!

A much deserved award to a very dedicated Tablet PC advocate.

I still remember about a year ago, Hugo left a comment on a post where I’d lamented about the difficulties of finding a Tablet PC in a retail outlet in Australia.

Also check out Hugo’s YouTube videos.

Oh, and thanks to Ber for the Tablet PC Guy. I got it from him at this years’ MEDC in Melbourne.

Photo taken using my Nikon D70s, and a Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 lens.

5 thoughts on “Congrats Hugo!”

  1. Thanks for the shoutout Will, and for the support. I remember the post very clearly and remember my own immaturity in the blog world too – I didn’t even run a blog at that point, and didn;t even know what they were…too funny.

    WRT Dr. Neil, he will alwyas be a Tablet MVP. His appointment was via the USA so he is not Australia’s first, although he did represent here very heavily. Congrats also goes to Dr. Neil for his new MVP role – Live Developer.

  2. No worries Hugo.

    It’s safe to say then, that you’ve come a long way, in terms of blogging over the past year.

    I think Tablet PCs have come a long way since that post you commented on. Even that retailer that I’d mentioned now stocks Tablet PCs.

    I saw a Fujitsu, and the Toshiba Portege m200 (or so it looked like from my quick glance) in their shop window a few weeks ago. Which is a change from a year ago.

    The next step is to see UMPC’s in stores!

    Mobile computing — The way of the future.

  3. We are pushing for UMPC to be in Harvey Norman’s, similar to how they appear in the United States via Fry’s. One of my goals would be to build resources that can sustain the learning curve that revolves around the device – therefore enabling it to sit happily in a retail environment.

    Blogging for me has come a long way (don’t tell anyone but I only started blogging in January this year 😉 I have learnt about the blogosphere and appreciate it a lot more than I did prior to be being a blogger myself. That has transalted into a new found respect for people like yourself – well done to you mate!

  4. Hey Will 🙂 No problem mate. It’s only a small matter, don’t need to link to me. Shy lah 😛 Congrats Hugo! I actually met the man in person in office about 2 weeks ago 🙂

  5. LOL, there’s no need to be shy mate!

    I’d link to everyone I mentioned in all my posts if I could (and remembered to), that way at least people would know who i’m actually talking about.

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