Starting again, and some other ideas

It’s been awhile since this blog was last really active.

I’m still getting comment spam, but that’s already become a “normal” thing for most bloggers these days.

Have been doing a bit of reflection in regards to the future direction of my blogging. For a brief moment I did consider just leaving this place to die.
But then I thought, maybe I can just focus on other things? Not just tech.

I’m also spending a lot of my time on Twitter lately. Which does get updated much more often than this blog. I’ve setup an account on Swurl to aggregate a few things that I update (twitter/flickr/

Another thought that came up was to start blogging about food, or in particular, about Vegetarian foods that I eat. Admittedly i’m not much of a cook (but i’m learning bit by bit). The not much of a cook part is what’s holding that idea up, not that it’s going to stop me 🙂

I’ve been inspired by two Melbourne based food blogs i’ve been subscribed to over the past few months, one by Mel Bedgood the other by Cindy & Michael called “where’s the beef?”. My other inspiration to start posting about Vegetarian foods is the questions I often get asked when I tell people that i’m a Vegetarian which is “so what do you eat?” and “so do you get enough Vitamins?”

It’d probably be quite easy to just direct people to the plethora of Vegetarian recipe websites and blogs and other resources, but it’s never quite that easy to define. Different individuals will have different ways of achieving the same means.

What I eat will be vastly different to many other Vegetarian individuals out there. You’d think being an Aussie with a Chinese background most of my food at home is going to be Chinese, right? Well, no.

What I do end up eating at home is a mixture from my parents’ upbringing and mums’ penchant for the local libraries cookbook section.
My mum was actually born in Luang Prabang in Laos, and dad was born in Vietnam (but are Chinese).

An example of something I may have for dinner might be Vietnamese Rice Paper wraps (Banh Cuon) with some salads (sweet potato based vermicelli noodles, cracked sesame seeds, ground pepper) with some honey/lemon and ginger dipping sauce.

Or it could be something else during summer when the Aussie mangoes are ripe and sliced on top of freshly steamed sticky rice. Then a sprinkling of lightly fried sesame seeds which had been cracked slightly in a pestle and mortar on top. There is just something about sticky rice I can’t get enough of, but hey, I grew up eating the stuff! 🙂

As you can see, I think there is great variety of foods available to anyone who is a Vegetarian (or even those who aren’t but like the idea of eating less meat for whatever reason they may have). So i’m hoping I can share a bit of that here.