Frank Arrigo, the new Aussie MSDN Flash editor!

Just saw in the recent edition of the Australian MSDN Flash, that Frank Arrigo the St Kilda loving Microsoft blogger is going to be our next Australian MSDN Flash editor!

Congrats Frank!

Recently I noticed that one of the former Australian MSDN Flash editors, Matthew Hardman started blogging, firstly at and then now at Hope to see Caroline (current, and soon to be departing MSDN Flash editor) blogging when she arrives in Singapore about her new adventures over there. I’m sure she’ll have lots of adventures there, just as Matthew has been having with his entry into the Singapore Idol!

Well, I think this new role is probably just an extension to the work that Frank currently does in spreading the news on .NET and related developer activities.


Off to the Developer Twilight Conference (MSDN Update) tommorow evening! If you’re in Melbourne, and you’re registered to go. See you there! RSS Feed

Wow, just browsing around my daily news and saw that there is a new layout for And what’s even more awesome is that they now have an RSS feed that I can pop into RSS Bandit! So, here it is:

Why Well, I like to know what’s going on from various companies in regards to their latest software and so on. And yes, I am an installer of beta software. I don’t really mind it, I still have my trial version of Virtual PC 2004. I think it says 20 days left or something less than that. Only thing is that all I’ve got on there is the Windows 2003 Server trial, so if the software doesn’t support Server 2003, then tough luck I guess, unless I really want to install it onto XP on the laptop.

New Blog

Hello, this is going to be my new blog.

Just need to do some template editing, and some actual posting to start things off.

If you’re looking for a blog with more posts that i’ve written, take a look here

The reason why i’m starting this new blog is because my previous blog at did not allow for comments from unregistered users. And thought this is the best place to do it, on my vary own domain. Might as well make use of it! Even though I wanted to make use of an ASP.NET based blog system (such as .Text used on, i’m quite happy to just use the PHP/MySQL based one for now. [Side note: I could never find a signup place for Oh well, no matter!]