Ajax talk at VDNUG

I’m presenting this month at the newly formed Victoria .NET User Group (that’s MDNUG+AusDev+Victoria.NET Cluster).

My talk is on Ajax and apart from the general Ajax stuff, i’ll be talking about how to make use of it in ASP.NET applications.

This will be my first presentation at the user group and my first proper presentation since I graduated from uni (end of 2003).

It’ll be on the 21st of September at the Microsoft Melbourne Como Office. And looks like i’ll be the “first on stage”. Or so says the website.

At this point in time, my focus will most likely be around the most “mature” Ajax library available for ASP.NET apps, which is Ajax.NET.
Unsure how much detail I’ll go into. We’ll just have to wait and see on that.

I remember Chris Garty last year before he left was encouraging me to pick a topic and volunteer to give a presentation on the topic. Well Chris, i’m finally going to give my first presentation at the UG. I’ve learnt a lot from the user group, and I guess it’s my turn to give something back to the UG community.

Well the idea for this presentation came about when I was talking with Matt and Elaine about Ajax (after the Sharepoint User Group meeting) and whether they’d done anything using it. Both said no, and wanted to know more about it, so I said I’d see if I can do a presentation for September on it.

Looking forward to giving this presentation to see how I go. I’m sure i’ll be fine. Already have a fairly good idea what I want to talk about. Just need to put all that into a powerpoint deck of some sort. Think i’ll keep the slides to a minimum with brief points that i’ll elaborate on as I go along and planning to have a few demos. (Haven’t decided how many demos i’ll do).

Some JavaScript stuff

Noticed this on Scott Isaacs’ blog (bolding signifies the area that I found the most interesting):

Having a strong framework for building and integrating rich, highly interactive components enables MSN to deliver much better (and consistent) user experiences. The Framework provides us with a client-side component model, network stacks, firefox compatibility, and OO language enhancements that allows us to “engineer” rather than ad-hoc script the client.

Many of our goals and work is going to be captured in the Microsoft Atlas effort. Microsoft Atlas, from the ASP.net team, is an upcoming toolset to quickly enable any web-developer to create and build highly-interactive web-sites.

Interesting, it’s probably quite easy to draw many conclusions from that quote, so I won’t. I was actually thinking the other day when browsing the start.com pages whether or not they were using a “version” of the Atlas framework, or if Atlas would build upon previous JavaScript frameworks that I’m sure do exist internally at Microsoft (just an assumption that I made that they would have one already.).

I also noticed via the Ajaxian blog a link to an article on the IBM website entitled “Migrate apps from Internet Explorer to Mozilla“, an interesting article that goes through the various differences between the browsers and how to accomodate for both in your apps. Basically, an article about developing for cross browser compatibility.

OOJS and Ajax

Oh look, so Microsoft is creating an Atlas hey?

Actually, it’s their codename for their new “Web client framework” which will provide us (developers) with tools for developing AJAX style applications.

I think what web developers really want is a really good JavaScript IDE. Well, I do anyway… And i’ve seen lots of posts around to place (mostly web forums) where people are asking questions like “what is the best JavaScript IDE out there?”

JavaScript’s been around for awhile, it’s not going to go away anytime soon.

I think people should really start exploring Object Orientated JavaScript. The way that JavaScript does its’ OO is fairly different from the way say C#/Java etc do OO.

Exploring some of the below articles you’ll get introduced to a term called “prototyping”. If you already get inheritance, then looking at the code here and you’ll get prototyping straight away. Just one of the many new terms you’ll start seeing a lot of when exploring the below articles on OOJS as they call it!

For those that want to get up to speed with OO JavaScript, here’s a few articles.

From Code Project: Part 1 Part 2 and Part 3.

From JavaScriptkit.com: JavaScript and Object Oriented Programming (OOP)

From WebRerence.com: Object-Oriented Programming with JavaScript Part 1 Object-Oriented Programming Part 2

JavaScript can be a mess if you don’t write it well, which is basically the same any other piece of code you don’t write well. It’s a mess and a headache to go back to and debug later.