Cya Brocky

There’s been a lot written about Peter Brock, on the web (blogs, news websites etc), on tv.

A great Aussie, who did what he loved best. It is a sad loss of a life. As it was with Steve Irwin earlier in the week.

After reading many of the articles in both Melbourne papers (The Age and Herald Sun), one of the facts about him that I remember from several of the articles on him was that he was a Vegetarian. Why? Well, I’m a Vegetarian too. As are a growing number of people around the world (for various reasons).

Did a bit of a web search and came up with this quote attributed to Peter Brock.

At many functions I am given plates of lettuce and little else! There is a poor understanding of what constitutes being vegetarian or vegan.


Another quote that I like is the following one from an interview he did with Andrew Denton on Enough Rope.

I don’t think you should just try and fit in because you want, you know, peer approval. I mean, too many of us live in fear of the disapproval of those around us, so I’ve always worked very hard at just being comfortable with who I am.

Quotable Quote #1

Ok, I’ve got a little book that’s been on my table for over a year.

I’ve read many of the quotes inside of it.

I’ll just post a quote every now and then. (I’ll quote it as it is written in the book. Without changing any words, and so on). I’ve also created a category for it, as well as any other quote that I find interesting.

Here’s the first…

We are what we think.

All that we are
arises with our thoughts.
With our thoughts,
we make the world.