An interesting usage of XmlHttpRequest

Was browsing for some webcontrols the other day and came across a .NET code translator.

Some people might say, hey, there’s plenty of those around already, what’s so special about this one?

Well, you’ll have to try it for youreslf

You can translate from VB.NET to C# and vice versa.

And it’s all done on the fly, yup, that’s right, while you type, the code gets translated for you. Cool 😉

Interesting usage of the XmlHttpRequest (AJAX) technology.

The Podcast Network – Microsoft Developer Show

Wow, just downloaded the very first Microsoft Developer show being hosted by none other than my former University Lecturer, Peter Stanski (That’s Dr Pete for short).

Listening to it right now.

My first impression when I first heard who they were having host the show, I thought, hey, cool, this should be interesting.

He’s definately the right person to host the show.

He’s probably the one guy in Australia that knows more about Microsoft than anyone else (who doesn’t actually work at Microsoft). Well, from the developers’ prospective anyway. Oh, and he’s a Microsoft Regional Director (as well as an MVP).

Oh, and he managed to keep a room of students awake at 8am during his lectures. Always had something interesting to say about various topics that were being discussed. (This was back in 2002!).

I have a feeling that this will become a very very popular show.

Go download and have a listen.

Workflow Capabilites for next version of Office

“big move toward built-in workflow capabilities.”

[this is in regards to the next version of Office] via (source: Microsoft Blog

This built-in workflow capability sounds like WinOE (Windows Orchestration Engine, something I mentioned here).

Actually, one of the articles I linked to state “Office 12 and the next SharePoint Portal Server are targeted to be the first two “WinOE-aware” applications”.

For the Melbourne devs who went along to Bill Chesnut’s presentation last month (for the combined MDNUG/Ausdev/Melbiz user groups meeting), you would have heard Bill mention an orchestration type engine for Longhorn. Well, WinOE is the one he’s most likely talking about.

Australian First – Spam reporttage!

News article: Via

If an initial two month trial — until late January or early February — proved successful, the offering would be made available to other ISPs, Tsakaros said.
Allan Horsley, acting chairman at the ACA [Australian Communications Authority], said the SpamMatters software would forward spam to the ACA’s forensics database system for research, analysis and action.

“The database system reduces the need for manual spam investigations and is able to process and analyse large amounts of spam,” he said.

Horsley said ACA databases would automatically extract relevant data from the spam and use the information to track down spammers.

“This information can be used as evidence in court because the database also saves the spam message with the header and body intact,” he added.

More articles…
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Primus to offer 6mbps ADSL

Primus Telecom (via their internet arm, iPrimus) have launched their new 6mbps ADSL service in Australia.

Initially Primus will install their own DSLAM equipment at 200 Telstra ADSL exchanges, and roll out more.

Another ISP rolling out their own DSLAM equipment at Telstra ADSL exchanges is iiNET.

I’m sure there may well be other ISPs involved as well once they see what is happening with iPrimus and iiNET.

At current, the highest ADSL speeds offered in Australia is 1.5mbps which is 4 times slower than the top speed to be offered by iPrimus.

Although these speeds are lab speeds and never quite match up to the actual in use speeds, it is still quite a big jump!

The minimum speed which will be offered via iPrimus’ new offerings on their own DSLAM equipment is set at 2mbps.

The cost of it will be $29.95 for the 400mb plan, or $49.95 for the 12GB plan (12,000mb).

There are excess usage charges for the 400mb plan, and shaping on the 12GB plan. (Shaping means your speed shall be capped to dial up speeds once you hit the 12GB limit, but no excess charges are incurred!)

Here are a few articles that talk about the announcement.

ADSL2 in Australia

Although i’m on OptusNET Cable right now, the news about ADSL2 deployment locally is still good news for all here in Australia. And the potential that there is going to be more providers that do not rely on Telstra means we’ll be getting better prices.

Having read yesterday’s article in The Australian IT about Telstra testing Web Videos using Microsoft IPTV technology using DSL technology, my first thought reaction was they can’t do it on today’s ADSL speeds.

It also reminded me of this blog entry by Cameron Reilly.

I wonder why we are lagging behind in the broadband uptake? Is it because of the prices here are too high?

To me it’s been a worthwhile upgrade to a broadband connection, but I talked to some people and their main reasoning is that they don’t go online too often. And if they do, it’s only to chat, check their mail and browse a few websites.

So what type of incentives would be needed to get these people to switch to a broadband connection?

Optus is offering some free local calls for people who sign up to their service (according to the advert it is 100 free local calls). Is that enough?

Telstra has a lot of streaming content provided, such as streaming AFL, V8 Supercars among other things. That’s perhaps another attraction for any fans of the two sports and fans of any other streaming content provided by Telstra.

Anything else though?

More on 3G in Oz…

Looks like Optus and Vodafone are going to sharing their infrastructure for 3G mobile network

Telstra and Hutchison Telecoms (Orange/3) announced a deal to share the their 3G infrastracture a few months back, and it looks like Optus and Vodafone are following suit.

I remember blogging a few months about Telstra to make use of the I-Mode “stuff” from (Japan’s) NTT Docomo.

I’m starting to wonder how long it will take to see the three companies (Telstra/Vodafone/Optus) start offering 3G services. I hope it happens soon, it will be good for the mobile market place. Though, i’m not sure if the Australian market is really ready for the video streaming and other such content. I’m sure it will happen, (the local takeup), but how long will it be before we see something?

I don’t want to see something crazy like this on the 3G network though.

So i’m wondering blog readers, what sort of things would you expect from your 3G provider? Better data rates (price-wise)? Streaming video content?

Make 3D Photos

Just saw a very interesting article posted up on engagdet:

How-To Tuesday: Make 3D photos using just an normal Digital Camera and some freeware software.

The freeware software they make use of, Callipygian 3D Photo Editing Software is a .NET application. I’m seeing more and more applications make use of .NET, which is a good sign that there will be many developers who can shift over to the Managed API (aka WinFX) that is coming with Longhorn.